This Statistical Yearbook 2011 publication is the 31st edition in the series. It is a comprehensive and systematic compendium of statistical information on Maldives demonstrating the social and economic developments and the demographic transitions taking place in our country. It attends to 18 areas of the economy and has 158 tables. Detailed tables are provided on the CD-ROM version of the publication.

Good statistics is the cornerstone of a democratic system. As Maldives is committed to build a democratic society, availability of a wide range of quality statistics will serve to promote good governance. Hence, the government and the public at large need reliable statistics in a timely manner to monitor the economic and social progress of the country. The government needs to cater the desired information to the public to enlighten the progress of the implementation of the strategic action plan of the country.

The Statistical Yearbook 2011 highlights a range of key economic indicators for 2010, such as the gross domestic product (GDP), contribution of key economic activities to the GDP, Government's finance, imports and exports, and the rate of inflation, in addition to diverse indicators about social and other aspects of the country. Progress towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the Maldives can also be assessed through this publication. The publication is also made available, free of charge, on our website

The Statistics Division of the Department of National Planning is responsible for the development of the national statistical system in addition to the collection and compilation of the core social and economic statistics. Apart from that, the responsibility of collecting and compiling some specific areas of statistical data lies with other agencies of the government due to the decentralized statistical system. The cooperation extended to us by the relevant agencies in providing the required data for the Statistical Yearbook 2011 is acknowledged and those data sources are referenced in the tables.

Effort has been made to ensure that this publication meets acceptable statistical standards. Hence, the entire process of data validation, compilation and updating has been done in close collaboration with all the data providing agencies.

The data in the Statistical Yearbook 2011 will serve as the principal source of information for planners, policy makers, researchers and academicians. It is intended to serve the quest for information by clients in the global community. In this regard, we will always welcome comments and suggestions from our users to make the statistical information interesting and useful to the changing needs.

Recognizing the value of statistics in the development of our society, we ensure our commitment to serve all statistical needs and will continue our efforts to improve the quality of the statistics of the Maldives.

Ahmed Inaz

Minister of Finance and Treasury