Explanatory Notes


C.I.F. : Cost, Insurance and Freight

HA: North Thiladhunmathi

FIG: Figure HDh: South Thiladhunmathi
F.O.B: Free on Board (Export prices.) Sh: North Milahunmadulu
G.D.P: Gross Domestic Products N: South Miladhunmadulu
EEZ: Exclusive Economic Zone R: North Maalhosmadulu
Fisim: Financial services indirectly measured. B: South Maalhosmadulu
ISIC : International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Avtivities Lh: Faadhippolhu
Chn: Change (Import price upto port of entry) K: Male' Atoll
mm: Millimetre AA: North Ari Atoll
n.e.c: Not else where classified. ADh: South Ari Atoll
Rf: Rufiyaa V: Felidhu Atoll
U.S.$: United States Dollar M: Mulaku Atoll
BEC: Broad Economic Categary F: North Nilandhe Atoll
Sqm: Square meter D: South Nilandhe Atoll
Min: Minutes Th: Kolhumadulu
  L: Hadhdhunmathi
  GA: North Huvadhu Atoll
  GDh: South Huvadhu Atoll
  Gn: Fuvahmulah
  S: Addu Atoll


- Zero/Data not available
NA Data not available
$ Dollar


Metric tons (mt) 1000 kg or 2,204.62 pounds
Kilogram(Kg) 2.2046lbs or 1000 grams
Metre (m) 39.37 inches or 3.29 feet
Kilowatt hour (Kwh) The work done by 1,000 watts in one hour
Litre. .2642 gallons


4.1 Conversion weight of fish 4.2 Average weight of fresh fish required
Species Weight Species Weight
Large skipjack 5.7 KG Maldive fish 5 KG
Small skipjack 2.1 KG Salted dry-fish 3 KG
Yellowfin tuna 2.6 KG Canned tuna 3 KG
Little tuna 1.1 KG  
Frigate tuna 0.6 KG  
Dog-tooth tuna 6.0 KG  
Reef-fish (Group 1. shark wahoo, etc.) 20.0 KG  
Reef-fish (Group 2. Jack, Rainbow runner,etc) 1.1 KG  
Reef-fish (Group 3. Jack, Rainbow runner,etc) 0.15 KG