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The Statistical Yearbook of Maldives is published with the objective of providing comprehensive statistical information on various aspects of the economy and social conditions in the Maldives. This is the 29th issue of the annual series.

This issue includes data on the country's geography and environment as well as its population and housing, employment, health, education, law and order and other social sectors. Data related to the economic sectors - fisheries and agriculture, tourism, transport and communication, electricity and water, public finance, money and banking, foreign trade and balance of payments, national accounts, and prices are also included.

Efforts have been made in this issue to widen the coverage and include up to date revision of data published in previous years. With the intention of providing easy access to statistics for users, the tables published in the Statistical Yearbook of Maldives is made available on the Department website ( This publication is also available on CD-ROM.

We look forward to comments and suggestions from users for improving the quality and usefulness of this series.


As our nation is committed to build a democratic society, the availability of a wide range of high quality statistics in a timely manner will serve as an aid for promoting good governance. Effective use of statistics in economic and social planning, preparation of business plans and in investment decisions is critical for making informed decisions. Recognising this immense need for timely and reliable statistics for evidence based decision making, the Statistical Yearbook of Maldives provides a wide range of information on various aspects of our country, and its people. The annual series being published since 1981 enables users to take stock of the developments taking place in our society over time.

The Statistical Yearbook is the most comprehensive publication of the Department of National Planning, which reflects the majority of the statistics produced by various statistical sections in other government agencies, in addition to that of the Statistics Division of Department of National Planning. The cooperation extended to us by the relevant government agencies in providing the required data for the Statistical Yearbook 2009 is acknowledged and the data sources are clearly stated in the tables of the publication. The information is also made available, free of charge on our website

We always welcome comments and suggestions from our users to make the information in our yearbook interesting and useful to your changing needs. You can complete the user feedback form provided in this book and submit to us or email your comments and suggestions to We are fully committed to serving your statistical needs and will continue to improve the quality and usefulness of the Statistical Yearbook of Maldives in future.

Mr. Ali Hashim

Minister of Finance and Treasury


The Statistical Yearbook of Maldives - 2009 was prepared by the Statistics Division of the Department of National Planning.

Publication of this series is made possible through the timely and valuable contributions of the concerned agencies, including all atoll offices and island offices. We gratefully acknowledge their continued cooperation and support, in providing the necessary information. Names of the agencies that provided data for the Yearbook are acknowledged in the respective tables of the publication.

Data compilation for this publication was undertaken by Ms. Maharath Ahmed, assisted by Ms. Rasheeda Najeeb, Ms. Aminath Shirmeen and Aishath Yumna. Editing and verification were carried out by a team of staff from the Statistics Division. The Statistical Yearbook of Maldives 2009 was successfully completed under the supervision of Ms.Ashiyath Shazna with the guidance and advice of Ms. Aishath Shahuda.

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User Feedback

Ministry of Planning and National Development welcomes and understands the importance of user comments, suggestions and opinions regarding statistical publications and we will incorporate the constructive comments in our future publications. We would appreciate it if you could complete this questionnaire and return to the Ministry of Planning and National Development at the earliest, by email, fax or post.

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