Statistical Archive of Maldives


Statistical Archive of Maldives presents a comprehensive selection of statistical data on the Maldives on different areas. It serves as a complete volume of information combining long time series and up-to-date data on socio-economic developments in the country.

 Statistical Archive data presented here ranges from our most recent edition to the historical issues of Statistical Yearbooks compiled throughout the decades. It contains most of the tables published in the past issues of the statistical yearbooks of Maldives since its inception in 1980. This is an effort to make historical information available to the public. It is designed to serve as a convenient volume for statistical reference. It also serves as a guide to other statistical publications and sources, as indicated by the source appearing below each table.

 This archive includes time-series data on the Geography, Population, Employment, Housing, Health, Education, Law and Order. Data related to the economic sector includes Fisheries and Agriculture, Tourism, Transport and Communication, Electricity and Water, Public Finance, Money and Banking, Foreign Trade and Balance of Payments, National Accounts and Prices of the country. It is rich in information content, and includes charts and indicators in addition to detailed and summary tables.

 You can access the Statistical Archive on the website of the National Statistical Bureau ( The full document is published online at, from where it can be downloaded as a whole or in parts. It will be made available on CD-ROM with the upcoming issue of Statistical Yearbook of Maldives 2017.