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Explanatory Notes
C.I.F. : Cost, Insurance and Freight. (Import price upto port of entry)   Chn :Change
FIG : Figure.   mm : Millimetre
F.O.B : Free on Board (Export prices.)   n.e.c : Not else where classified.
G.D.P : Gross Domestic Products.   Rf : Rufiyaa
EEZ : Exclusive Economic Zone   U.S.$ :United States Dollar.
Fisim : Financial services indirectly measured.   BEC :Broad Economic Categary
ISIC : International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Avtivities   Sqm : Squire meter
HA : Haa Alif (North Thiladhunmathi)   Haa Dhaal (South Thiladhunmathi)
Sh : Shaviyani (North Milahunmadulu)   N : Noonu (South Miladhunmadulu)
R : Raa (North Maalhosmadulu)   B : Baa (South Maalhosmadulu)
Lh: Lhaviyani (Faadhippolhu)   K: Kaafu (Male' Atoll)
AA: Alif Alif (North Ari Atoll)   ADh: Alif Dhaal(South Ari Atoll)
V: Vaavu (Felidhu Atoll)   F: Faafu (North Nilandhe Atoll)
Dh: Dhaalu (South Nilandhe Atoll)   Th: Thaa (Kolhumadulu)
L : Laamu (Hadhdhunmathi)   GA: Gaaf Alif (North Huvadhu Atoll)
GDh: Gaaf Dhaal (South Huvadhu Atoll)   Gn: Gnaviyani (Fuvahmulah)
S : Seenu (Addu Atoll)   Min : Minutes
-   : Zero/Data not available.
--   : Data not available
$   : Dollar.
Metric tons (mt).   : 1000 kg or 2,204.62 pounds.
Kilogram(Kg)   : 2.2046lbs or 1000 grams.
Metre (m).   : 39.37 inches or 3.29 feet.
Kilowatt hour (Kwh)   : The work done by 1,000 watts in one hour.
Litre.   : 2642 gallons.
4.1 Convertion weight of fish   4.2 Average weight of fresh fish required
to produce 1 kg of fish product

Species Weight Species Weight
Large skipjack 5.7 Kg Maldive fish 5 Kg
Small skipjack 2.1 Kg Salted dry-fish 3 Kg
Yellowfin tuna 2.6 Kg Canned tuna 3 Kg
Little tuna 1.1 Kg  
Frigate tuna 0.6 Kg  
Dog-tooth tuna 6.0 Kg  
Reef-fish (Group 1. shark wahoo, etc.) 20.0 Kg  
Reef-fish (Group 2. Jack, Rainbow runner,etc) 1.1 Kg  
Reef-fish (Group 3. Jack, Rainbow runner,etc) 0.15 Kg  

Ministry of Planning and National Development, Male', Republic of Maldives