Advance Release Calendar 2023

Publication Frequency Release Date
May June July August September October November December
Quarterly National Accounts Quarterly 2023 Q1 – 30th June 2023 Q2 – 29th Sept 2023 Q3 – 29th Dec
Consumer Price Index (CPI) Monthly 29th May 26th June 31st july 28th Aug 25th Sept 30th Oct 27th Nov 25th Dec
Producer Price Index (PPI) Quarterly 30th May 31st Aug 30th Nov
Maldives in Figures Monthly 28th May 29th June 27th Junly 27th Aug 28th Sept 26 Oct 30th Nov 28th Dec
Statistical Yearbook Annual 20th Oct
GDP by Production Annual 31st Aug
GDP by Expenditure Annual 31st Aug

Census Calender

Publication Available at Release Date
Census 2022 – summary tables & infographics
Population and HouseholdMBS Website30th March
Housing and Household CharacteristicsMBS Website8th June
MigrationMBS Website15th June
EmploymentMBS Website22nd June
EducationMBS Website6th July 
FertilityMBS Website11th July
DisabilityMBS Website11th July
Census Administrative ReportMBS Website31st August
Census 2022 – Analytical Reports
Population DynamicsMBS Website4th Sept 
Housing and Household CharacteristicsMBS Website7th Sept 
MigrationMBS Website11th Sept 
EducationMBS Website14th Sept 
Employed PopulationMBS Website18th Sept 
UnmploymentMBS Website18th Sept 
Informal SectorMBS Website18th Sept 
Nutiality and FertilityMBS Website21st Sept 
DisabilityMBS Website25th Sept
ResortsMBS Website28th Sept