The Statistical Yearbook of Maldives is published with the objective of providing comprehensive statistical information on various aspects of the economy and social conditions in the Maldives. This is the 30th issue of the annual series.


This issue includes data on the country's geography and environment as well as its population and housing, employment, health, education, law and order and other social sectors. Data related to the economic sectors – fisheries and agriculture, tourism, transport and communication, electricity and water, public finance, money and banking, foreign trade and balance of payments, national accounts, and prices are also included.


Efforts have been made in this issue to widen the coverage and include up to date revision of data published in previous years. With the intention of providing easy access to statistics for users, the tables published in the Statistical Yearbook of Maldives is made available on the Department website ( This publication is also available on CD-ROM.


We look forward to comments and suggestions from users for improving the quality and usefulness of this series.