Thematic Analysis

Children in Maldives

Children in Maldives gives a special focus on the areas where information on children is availablefrom census 2014

Thematic Analysis on Youth in the Maldives

This analysis represents the finding on the situation of youth in Maldives based on the Population and Housing Census 2014.

Maldives Population Projections 2014-2054

Population Projections are an important contribution as a base for formulating the targeted policy directives and to strengthen the knowledge base for reviewing effectiveness of existing policies. This Population Projections provides data on the Total Resident Population, Resident Maldivian Population and Resident Foreign Population disaggregated by age, sex, produced by 5-year age groups at Republic, Male’ and Atoll level. The projections are developed 40-year period spanning from 2014 to 2054

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